Seeking for a sun…

Long, long time ago on a cloudy day a little Kitten was seeking for a sun ray.

Kitten was so cranky and sad because it was cloudy many, many days.

He was so determinate to catch it because he believed when he catches the sun ray he will be so happy and great.

Days were pass and Kitten was more and more cranky and sad on a cloudy day.

On the last cloudy day he finally catches the sun ray!

Meeeeeeoooooow……he yells! The sun rays just burned my tail!


Moral of the story:

When we stop looking for happiness in the wrong places and realize that it is not in the outside world but within each of us ….

When we become aware that we are only and exclusively we … our own creators of our happiness…

When we become satisfied and aware of the little things….

At that point happiness will find us….



Thank you for reading! 🙂

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  • Igor

    Hi Neli,

    You are completely right. The happiness is within us. Many people are looking for some things in wrong places and never find it.

    Since I am practicing also astrology, (a great passion of mine, been studying it for three years at the astrological institute Kepler), and also practicing it for many years by myself already, I can tell you that even in astrology there is a wisdom:

    “How above, so below, how below so above” and “How inside, so outside, how outside, so inside”!

    This means that we can’t change the heaven, but we can change our attitude toward heaven, we can change the way we look at heaven (read it: the way we look at our and other’s life) also, the way of our thinking, feeling and action, will manifest the things happening around us.

    Be positive for life, help others, try to do your best, love what you do, and you will feel happier than ever.

    It is how you think, you believe and how you act what motivates you and “pushes you” through the life.

    Great article and site.

    • MaVi

      Truth, I completely agree with everything you have written. Unfortunately, nowadays most people follow the wrong “values”.
      But, it should always be positive and hope for the best.
      Thank you for reading! 🙂

  • Corey

    Excellent tale. I have lived this in practice for many years. I do not allow others to determine my happiness because it is mine not theirs. The longer and more disciplined you are with this truly the happier you will be.

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