Will you be my best friend?

once upon a time

Little bear’s story

Once upon a time on a beautiful spring day, a little bear peep out of a lair. For a second the bright sunlight flashed at his little eyes. The curious little bear thought: “what shall I do now?” Hm… it was the most beautiful sleep in my mom’s embrace. He decided to go explore and find out how it’s outside of a lair and headed to the small hill where the first heralds of spring appeared.Around him were primroses, snowdrops and violets.

He looked at a little snowdrop and think : “Will you be my best friend? But why are you so calm and don’t move?” He fearfully steps forward and try to sniff her. But, before he was able to do it, snowdrop cried : ” Do not just rip me off!” Some people just rip off most of my sisters and now I have to take care of myself.

A little bear says to a snowdrop: “You do not have to be scared of me. I’m your friend, I just want to play with somebody”.

“But I can’t play with you and be your friend. I don’t have legs like you and I can’t run with you. I don’t even have a small muzzle like you so I can’t sniff flowers like you”: snowdrop says.

teddy bear

Little bear think for a little and says: “If you don’t have legs or muzzle does not mean we can not be friends. We don’t need to look the same to be friends. Friends can be everybody. A true friend is the one you can talk to, sit next to each other and enjoy the silence, a true friend will not judge you because your appearance, he loves you for you and help you find the most important things when you have lost them..your smile and your courage”.

A friend is one of the most beautiful things you can have.

And so the little bear came every day. They have been playing, laughing, talking stories, singing and fooling around for a long, long time and were very happy…




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  • Sarah

    This is beautifully written and easy for me to understand. I like this short story as it sends out an important message, sometimes I forget what true friends are about as I struggle to find connections with other people at often times, but this is a great hopeful reminder. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • MaVi

      Thank you for reading!
      Nowadays people are quite closed when it comes to opening up to other people for fear of being hurt, but I think it is most important to be an open mind and give everyone a chance, I’m sure that one real friend for sure is waiting in that mass to be found.

  • laurie taylor

    cute story with good would make a great author writing stories for children,
    keep up the good work

    • MaVi

      Thank you for reading!
      I just started, but I’m very pleased with the positive comment. It gives me the enthusiasm to continue. 🙂

  • Matts Mom

    Great story and we all need to have a best friend! I called mine today and she had me feeling so much better after our talk. They can almost be like therapy! Did you write this story yourself? Great little story!

  • Kathleen

    I am so touched by this sweet story! I love that the bear was creative and understanding. My initial thought was the little snowdrop would melt and he would be heart broken 🙁 I love a happy ending!! Thank you for sharing your heart there is so much love!

    • MaVi

      Thanks for reading.
      Nowadays there is a lot of violence and injustice, so I’m trying to always have a happy ending in my stories. 🙂

  • Lynn

    That is a really cute story. I like the way you added value to the story by telling what friendship is all about. It was a good short story…..

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